Wednesday, March 6, 2013

iWonder News Team

Before you enjoy all eight minutes of gold below, please consider the following that the students (and the teachers) had to do to create this newscast:
  • researched all 7 natural wonders individually, with classmates, and with their 4th grade buddies, using both iPads and laptops
  • listed their top two choices they were most interested in reporting on
  • watched and critiqued different styles of field reports from real news shows
  • collaborated with their group members to establish roles, create a field reporting style, choose the green screen images, and write an informational script
  • created cue cards
  • practiced their reports before taking to the field
  • chose climate-based attire
  • filmed their reports without reservations
  • helped create an informational location map
  • had fun!

It should also be noted that this project was completely taken over by the kids.  Ms. Labak and myself started the project with a very rough idea of how it would turn out.  We  never dreamed they would take us here: