Friday, February 10, 2012


As some of you have already found out, our class opened up its own blog yesterday.  Your child can show you the blog by clicking on the Kidblog button over at the top right of this page.  Unlike Mr. Kaegi's Corner, this blog is locked to just our class and for our students' eyes only (or yours if you want to find out your child's password).  The purpose of this blog is three fold; to generate an interest in writing & typing, to give the students a sense of audience (eventually global), and to prepare the students for the technology-based world they are a pat of.

In addition, we have signed up for quadblogging with three other schools from the United Kingdom, where we all will come together and discuss one another's similarities and differences through blogging.  Eventually, the students from these other schools will join our Kidblog and will have the access to post and comment with each other.  Myself, along with the other three teachers, will have complete authorization of this blog, with ability to delete & edit anything we wish.

Finally, if you sign into the blog, you will notice that we are not using our real names but "pen names", ensuring the students safety and identity.  If students accidentally use real names with each other on the blog, the teachers will edit those posts.

The kids are already stoked about this whole idea.  With time, this enthusiasm will be harnassed into thoughtful and interesting reflections that the students can be proud of.  The students already know that none of this is mandatory and if they don't want to participate, they do not have to.  Happy blogging!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Student Council Spirit Day

Tomorrow, your child is welcome to dress like one of their favorite book characters!  Let's see some creativity!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strike the Pose!

Many thanks to the O'Connor family for bringing in Johnny Lattner's 1953 Heisman Trophy.  Being a college football fanatic, I was clearly more pumped up than my students.