Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And a One, and a Two, and a Threeeeeee

1. Yesterday, I emailed out the conference sign-up sheet from last Thursday night.  I believe I have everyone's email.  If you did not receive last night's email, please email me at tkaegi@op97.org and I will add you to the group. 

2. Be sure to check out the blog, as we are starting to add some things here and there.  We have our "Stars of the Day" page in full gear, as well as our "Word Wall" words.  Also, be sure to note what days we have each special in case you want to dress your child accordingly.

3. The students have done a terrific job with the implementation of our Reminder system.  Therefore, many of them will be able to purchase prizes before I know it.  Mr. Kaegi's prize box is running a little low, so if any of you have any sort of, ya know, "stuff" to donate, that would be fantastic.