Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guided Reading/Writing & Volunteers

Every morning your students work wonderfully during our guided reading time.  This process has evolved over the last few months.  In the beginning of the year, I met with just one small group per day, while others simply read their "just-right" books.  As the students matured within my classroom expectations, I began to see two small groups at a time, giving the rest of the class a few options of what they wanted to work independently on.  Once I saw great enough student indpendence in this process, I moved to a more specific and structured rotation routine that we have been doing for over five weeks now.  I now see three out of the four small reading groups per day, meeting with each group a total of three times per week.  The four stations consist of (1) writing & illustrating, (2) word work on the Smartboard, (3) independent reading with a "just-right" book, and (4) reading leveled stories with Mr. Kaegi. 

Recently we have added 6 iPads into our routine as well.  After the winter break, I would like to have an iPad station for two of the days (M&W), and a guided writing station for the other two days (T&Th).  That's where the parents come in!  If any of you are interested in facilitating a writing station from about 8:30-9:15 once a week, please email me.  The students are now ready for another challenge!