Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween FAQ

What time is the classroom party?

Are parents invited?
Only the room parents and helpers will be attending.

Boooo!  But Mr. Kaegi, I really want to come have some fun with my child.
Believe me, I know.  However, 22 kids + 20 or more parents = mass chaos.  You can have all sorts of fun with them later that night!

That's OK, I understand.  What about the parade then?  When does that start?
The parade starts promptly at 2:15.

Where does it start and end?
The parade starts by the back doors of the school and then do si dos around the block; school to Berkshire to Kenilworth to Forest to Berkshire to Field Park to playground to school to pumped up kids to crazy hallways.

Awesome!  What if my kid needs some final touches on his costume?
Great question, two answers.  You may pull your kid during lunch from 11-12 to get them ready for the parade OR you can send your child with the costume to school and myself and the room parents will assist in getting ready.

Man, that sounds crazy.  Is there anything else I can do to help?
Yes, you can convince your child to donate one or more Reese's cups to Mr. Kaegi.  I hear he'd greatly appreciate it.

I'll do my best!
Yes...yes you will.
The kids love this song almost as much as I do.  I told them I'd put it on here.